Hello Monday

Hello to another week my Blogging friends.

This week I'm saying

Hello to seeing Les Miserables.  It's been on here for 2 weeks and I haven't seen it yet.

Hello to travelling to work on Public Transport.  I'm hoping to miss the bus with all the college kids on!!!

Hello to Parents' Evening.  It should be OK as his report was a good one.

Hello to going back to my normal working hours on Friday as my friend Carol should be back to work.

Hello to getting my hair cut and coloured.

Hello to my local Crop.  It will be the first one I've been to in about 2 years!!

Hope you're all saying Hello to a good week :0)


  1. I haven't got round to seeing Le Mis yet either. Sure your parents evening will go well - ours is next week. I'm also looking forward to having my hair cut this week - it's been too long!
    Hope your week goes well :) x


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