Hello Monday

This week I'm not saying Hello to a great deal!!

There's .............................

Hello to staying out of the way of any snow that might come our way.

The neighbours 2010

Hello to helping Samuel choose his courses for the next two years.  It seems he can't take Biology and Maths as they clash on the timetable!!

Hello to sorting that out.

Hello to not having to take public transport but to car sharing :0)

Hello to hopes of a quieter week at work.  It's been manic and it's only Tuesday!

I hope you all have a good week ahead.


  1. Emily had to choose her subjects before Christmas so, fortunately, we've got that one out the way. Quiet-ish week here this week too :)xx

  2. I could do with a quieter week ... how are kids who want to go into science not be able to do maths and biology together? Do they put maths with physics instead?


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