I had plans

Today is the only day in the year that I'm off work from my school and Samuel is still at his.  I had planned to sit all day and do this whilst catching up on TV programs I've recorded during the week.
What actually happened was this.................................

6.00am ~~ Up early to see John before he goes to work.

6.20am ~~  Cup of tea and catch up with an episode of "Suits" before getting Samuel up for school.

7.20am ~~  Nag Samuel to get up and get in the shower, make sure he has breakfast and all his books for school.

8.00am ~~ first load of washing goes in.

8.30am ~~ Samuel leaves for school and I attack his pig sty bedroom.  He says he's dusted, but the layer I got rid of tells another story.  A good dusting and hoovering later, a quick tidy of school books to behind the bedroom door and the making of his bed and it looks livable once more.
He is really interested in all things WWII hence the D-Day landings items on the wall.

9.30am ~~ Hang up first load and put in second load of washing.  Where does it all come from?

10.00am ~~ Grab a quick shower then start on cleaning the bathroom.  A job I hate but always feel better about when it's clean.

11.00am ~~ a quick trip to the butchers and the Co-op for a few bits and pieces (I was very good and didn't buy chocolate!)

11.30am ~~ tea break time and a quick look at blogland.

12.00pm ~~  next load ready to go in the machine and second lot hung up.

12.20pm ~~ a quick tidy up of the living room.

12.45pm ~~  start making bacon butties as Samuel is coming home at lunchtime.

1.30pm ~~  Samuel goes back to school and I attack the fridge.  How does it get so dirty and why do dog hairs always find their way onto the bottom shelf?

2.15pm ~~  last lot of washing hung up.

2.45pm ~~  Time for a frothy coffee, a catch up of "Death in Paradise" and a bit of crocheting before Samuel gets home from school at 3.25pm.

4pm ~~  Blog time.

I don't know what it is with me but I just can't seem to sit and have a day of "Me Time".  I feel guilty that I'm not working at something other than crafts, which is ridiculous as I spend five days a week at work and two doing housework.  

I'm entitled to sit and do nothing if I want .  Aren't I?  


  1. That sounds so familiar. I had a day off today and only sat down to start a scrapbook page 20 minutes before I had to collect my daughter from school. I can't sit and relax if other jobs are nagging at me

  2. It's because we've been brainwashed in to believing that doing nothing or something for ourselves is lazy and non-productive. You know it's true ~ even on holiday, we find it difficult to sit in the sun and do nothing.

  3. This year, on my day off, I have made a pledge to sit down on the couch for at least one hour and read ... no guilt. I've done it once .....!

  4. Of course you are! I'm very good at me time when I have time to myself every other weekend ;)

  5. I have to say I don't have too much trouble having 'me' time...though I do get stressed if the house gets too messy!

    Alison xx


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