Simply a Moment - February 2013

It's 10.50am on  Sunday 17 February 2013 and I'm sat at the kitchen table with a coffee and a biscuit.   I can hear the ticking of the clocks, the egg timer and John moving about upstairs. One Direction has just finished singing an old Blondie song on Radio 2.
The teenager is up in his room and the dog is in his bed.  It's almost quiet except for the ticking and the radio in the background.
The sun is streaming in through the windows making the kitchen very warm and cosy.  The sky outside is pale blue with a few white clouds and a vapour trail from a plane taking people away on their travels.  I can see out into the garden which has no sunlight at the moment and is looking very sad and forlorn due to lack of TLC.  There is movement in the bushes as a Robin and a Blackbird search about for food.
I have lemon and poppy seed muffins in the oven, the ingredients for Tiffin sitting on the side and veg for hidden tomato sauce waiting to be chopped.
On the windowsill my Christmas Poinsettia is still flowering and the last of the orchid flowers are hanging on till the very end. There is a photo of the teenager when he was 3 smiling back at me. As I look about I can see that the work surfaces all need to be wiped down and the tops of the fridge and freezer are both covered in dust.  The washing machine has just bleeped to tell me the wash is finished and it's time for me to get up and carry on with the days chores.

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  1. An excellent moment ~ I could smell the baking!

  2. a lovely moment...our garden is lacking tlc too - roll on the spring.

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment today.

  3. Such lovely prose - I could identify so much with this! The garden needing TLC, the orchid hanging on for dear life and having to leave a comfy spot and a brew to do the chores.

  4. I enjoyed that moment with you and could just "see" everything.
    Our garden certainly needs TLC (and I was just asking when I should prune my roses), my orchids have a few new buds on them and although I baked yesterday (a Victoria sponge) it was the slow cooker I could smell today.

  5. That's brilliant - just an ordinary moment right enough, but it's amazing what's going on around you if you just look and listen

  6. Hello! and I was so delighted to see your link and to find you :). I have really enjoyed the richness of your moment with such detailed observations - and the baking smells lovely from here! I hope it have given you pleasure to write, as much as it has given me to read.

  7. Oh that is so evocative - just an ordinary moment - but so well observed. Thank you for sharing - I really enjoyed reading your moment - and look forward to reading more ! J x

  8. A really lovely moment, baking smells, Oh how gorgeous. Simple everyday life just wonderful to read.


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