What are you reading?

I finished Jenny's War in just a few days and thought that although it started off well it all got a bit rushed at the end.
So now I'm reading Winter in Madrid by C J Sansom.  I've read his Tudor (Shardlake series) crime novels and loved every one of them so I'm hoping that this will be just as good.

A popular mystery writer breaks out with this page-turning international bestseller set in post-Civil War Spain 
September 1940: the Spanish Civil War is over, Madrid lies in ruin, while the Germans continue their march through Europe, and General Franco evades Hitler's request that he lead his broken country into yet another war. Into this uncertain world comes a reluctant spy for the British Secret Service, sent to gain the confidence of Sandy Forsyth, an old school friend turned shady Madrid businessman. Meanwhile, an ex-Red Cross nurse is engaged in a secret mission of her own. Through this dangerous game of intrigue, C. J. Sansom's riveting tale conjures a remarkable sense of history unfolding and the profound impact of impossible choices


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