Happy Easter

Happy Easter/Happy Holidays to you all.

We're not up to much today.  John has an egg to paint for a Team Challenge at work!!.  The Teenager has yet another chesty cough (Dr tomorrow me thinks), I'm going to sit in the sun and do some crochet and then later we'll take Moss for a walk before supper.

Here's my window display complete with flying chicks (blue & purple ones) and if you look closely you can see a green chick just sitting in the bird house.
The letters were done on my Cricut, which needed the dust blown off it before I could use it and I managed to use up some very flowery papers I've had for forever.  I just love Monofilament for hanging things up.  It's so strong but almost invisible.
The painted eggs I've had since the Teenager was little and I think I bought them from Baxters in the village.
The sun was out for a little while on Friday and I just managed to catch the shadow on the living room carpet.
Enjoy your day whatever you are up to.


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family. Bummer on the sick kiddo. :(
    Love that shadowed Happy Easter!

  2. I love that. Shadow too!...glad. You've had some sunshine
    Alison xx

  3. Your window looks so pretty.

  4. Hope you had a Happy Easter, I love your window display (and the shadow) Wish we'd had a bit more sunshine down here - certainly haven't been sitting outside ;) x

  5. Have just come blog-hopping and have found your Easter branch - there seem to be loads in the Blogsphere this year. I posted a photo of mine, and agreed with another blogger who had the same decorations that our bunnies have rather a mad, sinister look! Love your whole window display!


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