Red Nose Day

Yesterday was the 25th Anniversary of Comic Relief or Red Nose Day.

At school we wore odd shoes and ate lots of cakes.  Male members of staff had their legs waxed by some of the seniors and there was activities in the hall at lunch time.
In the office we had a great time.
We wore our odd shoes.
We ate our cakes

and we wore our noses (except Joonie who had a cold and couldn't breath with one on even if she had one !!!)

and Sharon won the Red Nose Day cake in the raffle.  It made us laugh because as she's doing well on her diet she'd only just said she hoped she didn't win it.  It has now been donated to a local old folks home for them to enjoy with a cup of tea.  She might just get a bite in first though :0)


  1. Love the footwear ....and the cakes look yummy!
    Alison xx

  2. What an awesome group picture, the purple is gorgeous!

  3. haha love it! Not a bite passed my lips :)

  4. Love the photos, footwear and cakes (especially the little green hairy one) Looks like a lot of fun :). X

  5. I love the odd footwear idea! Will have to suggest that one at work next time we have a non-uniform charity day.


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