A silly 10 on the 10th

This is the first time in 2013 that I've done 10 Things on the 10th so I thought I'd do a silly one.
Whilst I was tidying up my photos I found these I'd taken way back in 2009.  My mum had bought the "Nearly a Teenager" a little ceramic man which, when watered, grew grass as hair.  He was "Too Old" for such things so I grew him instead  :0)

 1::  First hair
2::  Strange that I have one long hair and hardly any others.
 3::  That odd length hair really does need cutting
 4:: I'm not having my hair cut.  I'm growing it.
 5::  Still not getting it cut.  So there.
 6::  Na na na na na.  I'm rebelling.
 7::  Simon Cowell is my hero.  (too much X-Factor I think)
 8::  OK so maybe that was just a phase I was going through.
 9::  I promise I'll keep it shorter from now on.
  10::  What?  This is short.                                              

I give up trying to get teenage boys to get their hair cut.  Anyone else have that problem?

I hope you enjoyed my 10 Things on the 10th.  I'm not sure if Shimelle is still doing 10 on the 10th but you can always pop over an take a look just in case


  1. Love this one - reminds me of my son's various hair styles over the years - fortunately nowadays it's quite neat and tidy! xx

  2. Might there be a need to look back at the various haircuts we have tried over the years?


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