Crochet 101

I've finally finished crocheting together some of the 101 Granny Squares I made in 2010.  I'd un-picked it several times over the last few years and then abandoned it all together last year.  It wasn't quite as easy as I thought trying to sew together different sizes and shapes (funny that hey?)

Anyway after much huffing and moaning that it wasn't right, I've managed to finish one small blanket.

I started off laying the squares out to see what fit where.
 There were quite a few to choose from.

and eventually I stitched enough together to make a small square which I then edged and added some scallops.

It looks quite nice draped over the sofa.
I've still got quite a lot of squares left over but I'm not quite sure what to do with them yet.  Any suggestions?


  1. Well done ~ it looks stunning!

  2. Well done on completing this - I have a number of unfinished projects that I need to work on, somehow the joining up isn't as much fun as making the individual parts ;) x

  3. It looks more than 'lovely'!
    Alison xx

  4. Fantastic - well done. Maybe some cushions next?

  5. Fantastic - well done. Maybe some cushions next?

  6. Some matching cushion fronts would be lovely. then you could snuggle under the afghan with the cushions around you.
    I think it is really beautiful, a potential heirloom


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