Hanging Hearts

I'm in the middle of a colour change in the bathroom.  It's been five years since we put the new bathroom in and I felt that a change was a good as a rest.  Out has gone the lime green and in it's place is blue with splashes of red.
I looked for bits and pieces to dot around the place.  I found these for £6.00 on the Next website.
and thought " I could do that".  So I looked out some re-cycled fabric, bought one or two small pieces of material in my local craft shop and dug out some old buttons and made these whilst waiting for supper last night.  They now hang from the shelf in the bathroom.

I'm not sure how much they cost to make but the fabric that's left over is big enough to make another 30 or so bunches


  1. Very pretty, but they will need dusting ...

  2. Yours are so much prettier than the shop ones :). Brilliant idea to make your own.


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