My Sunday

Yesterday was the only really lovely day we've had over the entire Easter Holidays.  And in true form it happened the day before we went back to school/work.

In the morning the Teenager had his room blitzed from top to toe, I did some baking and John sprayed a radiator.  Exciting or what?
Later once the sun had moved into the back garden I got the gloves on and did some tidying up.  I always think that once the garden is tidy and you can sit outside in it it's like having an extra room in your house.
Moss, the ever lazy Labrador didn't even move when I cut back the ivy.  There was no way he was moving from the only sunny spot he's seen in a long time.
The only thing blooming at the moment is a pot of miniature daffodils.  They certainly do add that little bit of colour to a very drab back "Yarden".
John came out and cut back his apple tree.  He tried to give me a lesson in pruning it but I gave up listening after the first "Cut here" LOL !
Time to take Moss for a walk
and a swim in the pond

Then home for a well earned glass of ice cold cider and a sit in the sunshine (no jacket required).
How was your weekend?


  1. Liz, I'm fascinated to know - what is the temperature? I see sun and hear you say no jackets and I automatically think at least 25C ... am I close? Temperature is all relative ... I think it's absolutely freezing here this morning and it is 7.4C according to the weather thingy on my homepage.

  2. Sounds like a great Sunday to me. I also cut back the garden a little bit but need it a bit warmer to really get stuck in.

  3. We got out into the garden on Sunday, as well. Except that it was quite windy and I needed my cardi on! But never mind, it was a start!

  4. I so agree about the garden being an extra room and you are giving me a push to get ours tidied up! Lovely Springy photos ...


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