Paper Hearts

After doing the housework and shopping this morning I sat down with a frothy coffee and Steve Wright on the radio and made some paper hearts.  I'd found the idea on Google images and thought "I can do that".

Easy peasy.
Four hearts - different sizes. (I used 4.5 Inch, 4.25 inch, 3.5 inch & 3 inch)
Two card, two paper (the original had printed paper but I suppose you could use patterned if you wanted.)
One button
One bit of string
One quote (optional)

Draw some lines around each heart then layer them card, paper, card, paper.   Add the string, quote and the button and hey presto.  I added my string in between the two big hearts just so you don't see it on the back.

The original one I saw had machine stitched lines around each heart but drawing them is just as effective.


  1. Love your hearts. What a clever idea. Well done.

  2. Love this idea...another idea for the May Fayre!
    Alison xx

  3. Thanks for the mail - I guess that I could make those too.


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