Bank Holiday Sunday

Sunday started off really well with John and I popping along to our local Garden Centre to stock up on a few bedding plants, tomato plants and compost.
John decided that whilst we were there we might as well grab breakfast.  This coming for a man who won't even stop for coffee if we go out anywhere was completely unexpected and who was I to say no?
He had the full Breakfast and I had scrambled egg with salmon.  And very delicious it was too.
When we got home with our haul we set to getting the bedding plants in
I finally bought myself a Flaming Bush plant but she's going in a pot for a while as Moss keeps killing off anything that's planted in the ground.  We have three tomato plants in our small greenhouse along with some chilli plants and some peas.  I thought that was enough to be going on with as I don't really have green fingers and probably couldn't cope with any more.
John cleaned the top of the porch whist I hung the washing out and then made coffee and ate brownies  :0)

 Moss got a bath and lay out in the sunshine to dry off.

and when the sun went in, I went in too and made a cover for my "new to me" I Phone.  It started off as John's then the Teenager had it and as soon as my new sim arrives it will be mine.
John made home made chicken kiev and salad for supper and afterwards we went for a walk around the pond with Moss before vegging out in front of the TV and watching Peter Kay till bedtime.

It was a really good day.

How was your weekend?


  1. It looks productive, industrious and fun all at the same time - a perfect holiday!

  2. I mean day off ... perfect holidays revolve around white sand, warm weather,beaches and drinks with umbrellas ... don't you think?!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day :) Our weekend was spent with family - Claire & the girls here on Saturday and then we went to Norma's son's for afternoon tea on Sunday. Quiet day yesterday :) x


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