It does exist

Look what came out today.  In case you're wondering what it's the sun.   You would think that we'd be seeing quite a lot of this seeing as how it's almost June.  But no, we've had rain, sleet and hail this week and parts of Scotland have had more snow.
Time for winter to go and summer to come and STAY  :0)


  1. I believe you and that same sun has been here all day! Everything looks a little better when we can have a cup of tea and sit in the warmth and listen to the silence. Hope you took advantage of it and went for a nice walk. Love x

  2. We were very grateful to see sunshine and no rain today as we helped Claire move house :) x

  3. I thought you were about to reveal that you had seen Nessie....though seeing the sun must be just as exciting these days!
    Alson xx


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