Right Now

My sister Ruth, over at Everyday life of a SAHM asked "what are you doing Right Now".

Here's what I'm up to.

I'm hoping to book my park tickets for Florida any day soon.
I'm hoping to have enough spending money to go with the park tickets in Florida.
I have decided that if John gets a job away from home, Samuel & I would stay here whilst he finishes school (unless it's to Australia)
I'm still horrified by the death of a soldier in Woolich.
I'm thinking that the last few pounds I have to lose are never going to come off.
I feel it's been winter too long.
I'm enjoying seeing new flowers in the garden.
I an enjoying my Kindle Fire HD.  I've managed to do quite a bit of reading this year.
I should learn more about what my Kindle Fire has to offer.  It seems there's quite a lot.
I'm thinking about what jobs need doing in the house next year.  There's a lot so far.
I am humming along to Les Miserables, "Can you hear the people sing?"
I am trying to keep up with my crafting and failing miserably.
I am so looking forward to my holiday in Orlando
I am enjoying having a greenhouse even if I don't have green fingers.
I'm making bunting for the garden so that John doesn't keep hitting his head on the greenhouse guy rope.
I'm liking "Breaking Amish" on TV just now.

What are you doing, thinking, worrying about, stressing over or loving right now?


  1. Lovely aquilegia (or do you call them 'Granny's Bonnets' too?)....lots going on in your life by the sounds of itM
    Alison xx

  2. Sounds like you've got a lot going on / to think about. Love your photo :) x


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