A Sunday stroll

Mum arrived yesterday and is staying for the week.  Unfortunately we are all at work/school so today was the only full day we had together.
I tried my very best to get the boys to come out with us for the day but it was like pulling teeth so Mum and I headed off to Brodie Castle for a wander around and to visit the tea room.

The weather was lovely.  Possibly one of the warmest days we've had this year.

We saw some unusual art work.  I think this is a smiling fish but I could be wrong.
The gardens were colourful.                               
and we had a giggle trying to take a self portrait.  It's not as easy as it looks.
On the way back from Brodie was stopped at Califer Viewpoint which looks out over the Moray Firth.  Unfortunately for us there was a haze today so you couldn't see as far as normal.
This is looking out over Findhorn Bay. 
After sitting there for a while and enjoying the view we had to head home for one of John's waist widening dinners.
It was nice to be out just the two of us.  I think we may have to do it again when Mum comes up next month.


  1. Do you remember S rolling down the slope at Callifer? Lovely shot of mum. x

  2. So nice to see you both together and some gorgeous photos here. A day out with one's Mum would be just perfect ...


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