Hello Monday

Hello to feeling as little better this week.  I've felt like chewed string since Friday as I've had a really bad throat and have been generally stuffed up.
Hello to getting back to work tomorrow.
Hello to seeing more of these cuties.
Hello to seeing more sunshine.  It's been nice having it around the last few days.
Hello to it being 4 weeks today until we go on holiday.
Hello to friends getting married on Friday and us going to the Wedding Dance.
Hello to doing some scrapping.

Hope you all have a good week. 


  1. Sunshine, wedding dance and scrapping? Your week has it all!!

  2. What a lovely photo! What is it about babies of the species? hoping that wedding is a glorious occasion ...

  3. Hope you're feeling better because it sounds like you've got a good week ahead :)
    On the whole Emily's exams seem to have gone well. Now we have to wait till the end of August until she gets her results. After that it's back to school for A levels. I'm not sure how the Scottish system works, is Samuel at the same stage as Emily?


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