Holiday shoes

There was one thing I decided that I would not scrimp on when it came to our holiday to Florida.  I was going to have comfy shoes.  If I'm going to be on my feet all day they have to be comfy.
I checked out all the usual shoe haunts locally, in Aberdeen and on-line until I found these.
They are made by Rieker and are so comfy they're like wearing slippers.  Oh happy feet.
As you can see I've been road testing them at work and so far all is well.  The test will come once I get to warmer places.  Not had too much sun up here recently.

I love the detail on the front.  It's so me and so scrapbooky.  How could I refuse?


  1. And so very pretty too! They are indeed a scrapper's shoe. Am intrigued that they seem to be a soft grey, which I love.

  2. First, I want to say that I'm keeping a good thought for that adorable baby!
    On a more mundane note, I insist on good, cute walking sandals when I travel, too!
    A great investment.

  3. They do look very comfy ... if only we were the same size!

  4. Those shoes look comfortable and I also love the detail on the front.


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