Scavenger Hunt 2013

A few more items managed this week.
# 21  -  A photo of you using an artistic tool.  This was me last weekend using one of my many punches for the first time in a long time.
# 9 - Something or someone that is out of place or doesn't belong.  This is the "Hawk Lady" who brings her Harris hawks to school to scare off the seagulls that are making a mess on the new astro turf pitch.  In the back of her van she had this little fella.  She'd found him/her on the side of the road when she stopped to see if his/her mum was still alive after being hit by another car.  Unfortunately mum died so the little fella is now living with her.  Not something you usually find outside the front of the school.
# 12 - A cloud in the shape of something.  I think this cloud looks like the head and mouth of a shark.  It looked a lot more like one earlier, but by the time I had the camera out it had moved.

#18 - Your local pub/bar, coffee house or tea shop.  Mum and I popped in here for coffee after work  one day whilst she was visiting.

Wonder what I'll find next week.