Simply a Moment - June 13

Tuesday 18 June 2013.

I'm off sick today with a sore throat.
I'm waiting to go and see the doctor.
Whilst I'm waiting I think about looking through my scrapbook albums.  If I'm honest I don't have that many and most of my layouts are in a box somewhere.
I find the one that my Mum made for Samuel.  It's all about his "Grumps".  His Grandad,  My Dad.
As I'm looking though the photos and smiling at how much of a family resemblance there is, I feel my eyes welling up with tears.  Not sad tears.  Tears of happy memories.

It would have been Dad's birthday today.  He would have been 71 years old.

Thinking of Dad makes me happy.


I Lve You

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  1. That's one of two favourite photos of Dad ~ the other one is when he came to see you in Germany in '94. xxxx

  2. A lovely photo. I feel for you with the sore throat. My boy is suffering from the same and sadly not in silence! Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for stopping by today x

  3. Oh, your moment is so tenderly described, that I could feel the tears pricking at the back of my eyes - and what a poignant photo ... I hope the GP was able to help too and you'll be feeling better soon. It was just lovely to see your name on the Linky and thank-you so much for joining in this month :).

  4. Hope you are feeling better now. And glad for you that you have such happy memories of your father.

  5. a lovely moment to record and a lovely photo.Hope you feel better soon x

  6. Hope you're starting to feel better. What a lovely photo of your Dad x

  7. This moment touched a nerve with me too as my Dad died at 66, too young for me to accept at the time! Later I rejoiced and thanked God that he survived WWII! Beautifully told too.

  8. That photograph is a perfect accompaniment to your moment.

  9. What a fine fellow he looked too :) ((hugs)) and hope your throat is better by now


  10. Hope you are feeling better now. Thanks for sharing this poignant moment.

  11. It's good to hold on to those memories...a special moment, and layout!
    Alison xx

  12. Oh so poignant. A lovely moment and photo of your dad.


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