Florida Album Pt 1

I meant to post about these a few weeks ago but with one thing and another they got pushed to one side.  I bought a really nice Red Polka dot, D-ring album from Sarah's Cards to use for my Florida album.

It's very Mini Mouse.

So far I've done a few layouts with a whole heap more to go.

#1.  The front page.  I'm not too sure about this one and I may undo it and start again.
 #2.  The Magic Kingdom.  Could go all that way and miss out on a photo op, could I?
 #3.  Cletus - git ma gun.  The teenager loves the Simpsons and it always talking like Cletus so I had to do this layout.
 #4.  Splash Mountain.  This was the very first ride we went on.
 #5.  Zapped.  John and Samuel getting "Zapped" outside the Simpsons ride at Universal Studios.
#6.  Krustyland.  We thought the ride would be busy but it was really quiet and we got straight on.
#7.  Pretzels.  I really wanted to try a real American Pretzel but to be honest they weren't very nice.  Very doughy with too much salt.
 #8.  Harry Potter Land.  The start of my favourite bit at Islands of Adventure.  Hogwarts Express.
 #9.  Hogwarts Castle.  An amazing building.  Shame it's just a ride.  It would have been cool to look around inside.
#10.  Hogsmeade.  Butterbeer anyone?  Brilliant, just brilliant.
#11.  Sea World.  I loved the Killer whales but the rest of the park was a let down.  No sharks and no dolphin displays.
#12.  Jurassic Park.  It might be 20 years old but it was still good.  We went on this ride twice and I got soaked ........ twice.
#13.  Rockin Rollercoaster.  L♥ve, l♥ve, l♥ved this ride.  An inside, in the dark rollercoaster with twists and turns and all to the sounds of Aerosmith.  Love in an Elevator........................Epic.  My sister, on the other hand didn't like it one bit!!
#14.  We are family.  Ruth and I took approx 1600 photos between us yet there is only one of the three of us.
 #15.  Park Hair.  Speaks for itself.  The only way around a bad hair day is to get a hat.  Or pinch one from your sister!!

So that's it for now.  More layouts to come in the next few weeks.