This boy young man of mine is 17 today.  How that happened I don't know.  I blinked and the years flew past.


I tried the best I could to get a decent picture but he just wouldn't play ball like he did a few years back.
There was a grimace.....
 An "if I smile like this will you take the photo"  smile......
 and a smile like his Dad.............. (This is how I smile mum).

Hmmm.  I think he needs to work on that smile.

Happy Birthday Samuel xx


  1. Co-operation doesn't last long, does it? The Boy Child will pull a face and then sweetly ask if he's ruined the photo!
    Happy birthday to our very favourite nephew! x

  2. Happy birthday to my Scottish grandson .

  3. Happy birthday to your young man!!! They grow up so fast!

  4. Many congratulations and Happy Birthday to Samuel - and may he have many more years to work on his camera smile for you! That looks a scrummy cake ...


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