Last night was "Date Night".  I told John I wanted to go the the pictures to see the new Jack Ryan film and he said that as it didn't start until 8pm we might as well go to the Qismat, Indian restaurant before hand.
Well I couldn't say no.  Could I?


A very nice Indian meal
followed by Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit.
Both the meal and the film were really good (even if during the film I had to stick my fingers in my ears as the sound was TOO LOUD in parts !!!)  Is that a sign of getting older or just the sound man being deaf?


  1. I remember when the entrance to the cinema was on High Street, and had a grand old lobby with red carpet and wood and brass fittings. We used to have our prizegivings there when I was at Elgin Academy. The whole school used to be walked down from Morriston through back lanes which have disappeared now under the dual carriageway. My goodness I sound OLD, but it was only the 1970s. In fact we took our children to the old cinema one snowy Easter holiday in the 1990s to see Pokemon The Movie, and the other mum and I were so terminally bored that we sneaked out, leaving the kids in charge of their dads, and went to a cafe for the rest of the film.

  2. You know that I'm envious of you local cinema ... ours is still a facade and nothing else after almost 5 years!
    Who plays Jack Ryan?

  3. I ALWAYS find the sound too loud in cinemas!
    Alison xx


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