Last night the girls and I decided to ditch the guys and head off to see a Take That tribute band called "Take This".  They were really good but I did feel a little old when one of them said I could sing the Lulu's part of Re-light my Fire which was a hit in the early 90s.  I guess I had that "You remember them first time round" look about me!!


Shy and retiring.  That's me

Karen and Joanne ♥♥

Flora and Kelly ♥♥

Take This and Kelly

Don't feel too sorry for the guys we ditched though.  They went into town for an Indian and we met them back in the village pub afterwards ♥♥♥


  1. I love Relight My Fire! Twenty years ago, I used to dance to it at every party on Asi with Stevie from VASS ... how time flies!!


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