Last night was Rural night and the visiting speaker was a lovely lady called Pauline Littlewood.  She came to talk about Landscapes.  Now I know absolutely nothing about art or painting so when it said landscapes I expected to see a whole series of paintings. Hills, towns, the sea etc.
How wrong can you be?
Pauline had made the most amazingly, fabulous pieces that contained photos, poems and artwork.  Theses pieces were all individual but once stood together formed a landscape.
It's difficult to describe just how it looked once she'd finished showing us and talking us through each piece but lets just say she is one amazingly, talented lady.
There was one about her life next to the sea and how her house flooded last December.

Others about mountains, the wind, trees, about how you see landscape if your view is blocked.  (i.e prison, wearing a veil)
 and my favourite, the sea.
Each piece was made up of smaller pieces that popped up like the books we had as kids and when they were all together they were stunning.

You just never know what is going on outside your own front door.


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