Funky Nails

My friend's daughter K has been learning to do nails at college and wanted a few hands to practise on.  I said I didn't mind as I was getting my nails done this weekend anyway.  K was a bit nervous at first but I think she did a great job and have booked another appointment in a few weeks time.  I've even got an appointment for my mum when she come up in March.

I chose a really funky nail varnish that changes colour depending how warm your hands are.  As you can see they change from pink to white.  Completely white when warm, completely pink when cold.  I love them. Next time they will be blue to purple!!

Excuse the dry hands.  I probably should have moisturised before taking the photo.


  1. Awesome!!! Love the color!

  2. Who knew that someone made such cool nail polish!


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