Hand crafted table - 47/365

John L♥ves his "man shed" and more often than not can be found in it at weekends.  He had in mind a project that was made from old whisky barrels, so we took a drive out to the Cooperage at Craigellachie.

Where we bought a palette of old barrel staves and a few wine/whisky barrel lids. We drove home at 35 mph so that the wood didn't fall off the lorry.
Once back home John unloaded them all over the back garden wall.  I was the mug on the garden side who had to pile them all up!!
A few weeks later and a bit of research into what he wanted to make John started his project.
and after many hours of routing, sanding, hammering and polishing he ended up with this......
 Wine barrel table top and whisky barrel shelf underneath.
From old leftover wood to a beautiful lamp table.  All I have to do now is buy a new lamp to adorn it.

Isn't he a clever lad?


  1. Lovely table. What a great transformation.

  2. that is so beautiful. you are lucky to have him! Mr Ms idea of woodwork is two railway sleepers and a sledgehammer

  3. Fantastic - he could sell these!


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