May Day Holiday

It's a bank holiday this weekend so we got an extra day off work/school.  With John away and the Teenager either sleeping or working I was very much left to my own devices.
I know some people don't like a big list of what others do at the weekend, but I do and here's how I got on:-

I did four loads of washing and got it out on the line.
 I got my mixer out and baked.
 I face timed John who looked worn out after his long flight.
 I sampled one of my cheese and pickle muffins.   Delicious  :0)
 I iced fairy cakes for the Teenager.  Never too old for a fairy cake (cup cakes)
 Mossy got a walk.
 I caught up with my latest journalling project
 I tidied out my wardrobe and put a lot of stuff in the charity bag.
I tackled a bit of crochet.  It's been neglected recently and I wanted to get it finished before starting a new project.
I also walked to the vets and paid Moss's bill from last weekend (£106 + £20 for this weeks tablets),  tidied up the loft space and found a lot of stuff that can go to a car boot sale at the end of the month, made tea, spoke to both my mum and my MiL and treated myself to a glass of wine.
Not a bad three days all in all.
Shame it's back to work tomorrow as I'm sure I could find a few more things to do.

How was you weekend?


  1. About as busy as yours. I like reading these lists. Any chance you could share recipe for cheese n pickle muffins? They sound yummy

  2. I second that request for the cheese n pickle muffins recipe. I like making lists, especially the part of crossing off the done items. Your previous day's photos of your garden are lovely. I think I have said before how envious I am of your stone garden wall.

  3. Five hours in Hyde Park with a bunch of kids and two dogs was easier!!

  4. A mixed bag of things done. I like the sound of the muffins and if I ever get organised I'll make some!


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