Scavenger Hunt pt 4

Well I've managed to get a few more pictures this week whilst out and about.

No1 :: A sign welcoming people to your home town.

This is the new village sign that was put up once the bypass was finished.  The salmon represents the River Spey.  The Spey is fished every year by people from all over the world who come to try and catch a Scottish salmon.

No7 ::  A Rural landscape.

This was taken when we were coming out of the Women's Rural Institute.  Just a gorgeous sight.

No8 ::  A Tattoo on a person

The lovely Rebecca, who did my nails today, had this tattoo on her arm and I asked if I could take her photo.  She was only too happy to let me!!  :0)  It says "Everyone has beauty but not everyone sees it."

and Ruth I know exactly what you're going to say!!!

No18 ::  A Waterfall.

Not your average waterfall but falling water all the same.  This is the welcome sign outside the local Garden Centre.


  1. Re #8 ~ and she paid for that error??

  2. Oh, and that's a stunning landscape shot.

  3. I do love the Fochabers sign...and I noticed the mistake too!!
    Alison xx

  4. Now that is an impressive sign, beautiful landscape. To the tattoo :0)


  5. wow - I love those first three.
    I'm going to photograph the tattoo on a fellow kitten nursery volunteer next week.

  6. Love your Scavenger Hunt - I might try to do that over the hoidays - now that I've got them all off!! :)


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