Scavenger Hunt Pt 5

With packing up and moving half way across the world I haven't really been thinking about the Scavenger Hunt this past week.  I did remember that one of the clues was a sign and look what I found today whilst doing the laundry?

No16 ::  A sign in a language other than English.

It's the instructions on how to use the washers and dryers.  I took it off the wall and got John to hold it for me :0)


  1. Hope it went back on the wall okay!!

  2. John's a good sport! Do try to join the linky if you have time among your moving, and I'm sure you'll find a good "Texas Longhorn" in Dallas.

  3. Is there a set of instructions in English?

  4. I'm assuming the laundrette was Spanish, or does Houston have a big Spanish community?
    Alison xx

    1. There is a huge Spanish community here. Mexico is not that far away. Handy for a holiday 😄 x


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