Summer Scavenger Hunt Pt 2

Another few ticked off the list today.

No 2 ::  A Garden Gnome
Saw this little fella in the local Garden/DIY centre this lunchtime.  He was just sitting on a shelf near the entrance.

No 4 ::  A Group of tourists
OK so it's not a group but it's more than one!!  I saw these two people outside the cathedral today.

No 19 ::  A Public Garden.
This is the Biblical Garden in Elgin.  It''s a lovely peaceful place next to the old cathedral and the local park.


  1. Two hardy tourists- hope they didn't get caught in any bad weather!

  2. Cute gnome - hope someone will give him a good home!

  3. Not sure I would pay £17 for that gnome ... great capture of the tourists.


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