Me on Monday

Sian over at High in the Sky hosts a meme called Me on Monday.  I thought this week I'd give it a shot.

Today I've been sat reading by the pool in the complex, waiting for the towels to finish in the dryer.
The weekend consisted of pool sitting, laundry doing, movie watching, food shopping, house hunting, thunder dodging and general lolling about in the heat.
I seem to have a headache every afternoon and I'm beginning to think it's when the thunder storms are due. Who knows?


  1. That sounds very possible - I always get a headache when there is a thunderstorm in the offing - it's to do with the atmospheric pressure, apparently. That' s a nice shot of you :).

  2. I had stress-induced headaches myself.

  3. It's lovely to see you and I'm giving you a wave all the way to your new home. Mmm..could be stress, could be thunder, but it's not nice whatever it is. Can you get those cool strip things over there? I think they're great.

    I hope you have a great week

  4. Looks like you are getting the hang of not-going-out-for-paid-employment thing! Hope the weather and headaches clear soon. x

  5. I agree with Sian. Wear your sun glasses, sit in the shade and drink lots of water. Hope the weather changes soon.

    1. The problem with wearing sunglasses is I can't see to read. I think prescription sunglasses are the way to go 😊


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