Me on Monday

After a few wasted hours at the Social Security Office I was in need of a pick me up, so whilst John was sorting out internet and TV packages the Teenager and I popped into Starbucks for a swift skinny decaf vanilla latte.  Well why wouldn't you?

Our weekend was spent finding Airsoft shops for the Teenager, finding a wax shop for me, eating steak for dinner (the Teenager included), visiting antique shops (note to self - Stay away it's full of overpriced tat), spending an hour or so in Ikea (I've now found my new crafting desk & storage), looking over contracts for renting a house and doing the laundry.

What are you doing on Monday?


  1. The American idea of antique is really different to ours. I am loving your reports of learning how to live in a foreign country. I might not comment on every single one but be assured that I am reading them all

  2. I concur with Ladkyis's comments and the US of A is just across the line on the map. You write with such whit.

  3. I noticed the biscotti! Hope things will run smoothly.

  4. The Boy Child saw your photo and said, "they have Starbucks in America? Awesome!"


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