Me on Monday

or Tuesday this week as I forgot yesterday.

Monday was the day my leg went purple with mozzie bites.  The picture shows two but there are another 4 lurking round the back.  John stopped to get Benydryl stop itching cream on his way home and it seems to working (although my leg is still purple).  Long skirt/trousers this week I think!!

The photo doesn't really show just how purple they are!!

Our weekend was one of house hunting, a BBQ with new friends, getting kit ready for Airsoft, going to Airsoft and a bit of shopping for me whilst the boys were there.


  1. I'm sure it's no consolation to know that I've been reacting to Mozzie bites like that for years!!

  2. Poor you. Is there something to keep them away ? Hope they heal up soon.

  3. It really sounds like you are settling in quickly. Hope the mossier leave you alone from now on!

  4. My soul sister who lives in Georgia never leaves the house without her bottle of water and her bug repellant. She sprays every inch of exposed skin because she says bugs love her and want to devour her.

  5. ouch!!! Avon skin-so-soft is great for spraying on - they don't like it apparently - want me to send you some??


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