Pile of Postcards Exchange

The day before we traveled to Houston I stayed with my sister Ruth and she very kindly signed me up for Sian's Pile of Postcards Exchange

Once I'd been here a week I managed to get some Texas postcards (not very interesting if I'm honest) and I mailed them to the ladies on my list.  Four in the UK, one in Canada and one in NY state.  It took me a while to find stamps as there doesn't seem to be any set post offices over here.  Anyway I finally  managed to get the lady to understand that I needed several for international and one for local. And off they went.

Since then I have been stalking the Mail Man.  Well I've been walking to the mail box every afternoon to see if I've received any PCs and so far I've had five.

A HUGE Thank You to all the ladies who have sent me a card.

The first was from Abi and hers came from Bath, England.  A place I've only been to once and had to buy a jumper as it was a cold day!!

Then one came from Nicola (who hasn't given me a link the her blog) and her's came from London, England.  I've been there many times as my sister lives there :0)

Next I had one from Barbara in Tennessee, who very kindly sent me two.  One from the Smoky Mountains and one from Nashville.

and then I had one from Julia who lives near Manchester, England.  Her Gt, Gt Grandma was married in that cathedral.  How cool is that?

I'll be stalking the postie some more this week to see if any more arrive.

How's you Pile of Postcards coming along?


  1. Hope you're settling in, I've enjoyed seeing life in the States. Nice postcards they always brighten up the mail delivery :-)

  2. I've gotten a pile as well - it's been so much fun! I need to blog them soon.

  3. I've had 4 so far, including one from San Diego. I also sent one to the lovely Abi.

  4. Great idea!! I used to take part in a postcard thing - think it was called Postcrossing - but got put off one day when I thought the nosy person in the post office was reading the postcard I was sending! lol....how do you sign up?

  5. I was in hospital when Sian cooked up this idea, however I belong to Postcrossing where the same thing happens as frequently as you want it to

  6. Lovely to receive 'happy mail' I did something similar before the days of blogging!

  7. Oh I hate being late for the party, I would have like to participate in this exchange, what fun. For sure I am marking in my calendar for next year. Because of Rinda's scavenger hunt I had to go find a rack of postcards. I was surprised there were so few around. I am going to check out Postcrossing.

  8. I'm delighted to see your cards are arriving. I have hopes of getting one written for every person who took part...but the shop has run out of cards! I've bought them all! She tells me they'll be getting more in this week, so fingers crossed.


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