Scavenger Hunt Part 6

I have to admit to not doing a lot towards finding photos for this in the last month.  Too many other things on my mind.
That said, when looking through my photos I discovered I have a few shots that might fit the bill.

No 3 ::  Birds on a wire.

This was one that stuck in my head but the birds always seem so far away.  I'll try and get a better on before we finish.  If you look really closely you can just see them!!!

No 6 ::  An urban street scene.

There aren't a lot of  "streets" here.  More like dual carriage ways with shopping malls on the side of them. This was the nearest I could get to downtown Houston when we were on the I10.  Hope it counts.

No 9 ::  A Bakery.

This is 'Sweet' bakery at Memorial, Houston.  I haven't been in yet as there are too many temptations in there and I definitely don't need the calories!!

No 16 ::  A sign in a language other than English.

I know I already have this but I saw this at the zoo and thought of the Scavenger Hunt.

No 18 ::  A Waterfall.

I know I have this one already too but this water feature is lovely.  It's called Living Water and is on the edge of Ruggles Green at Memorial, Houston where on a Saturday night they have live music and anyone can come with a picnic and just sit on the grass and listen.  Sounds like a great idea to me.

So that's it for now.  I'm not sure about a bus as Katy doesn't have a public transport system.  I may need to substitute that one but I'll keep looking as I might just get lucky.


  1. Oooh wonder if the bakery has any strawberry tarts - or scones? :)

  2. You've found some great ones. I may have to substitute the bus as well. Rochester has a minimally effective bus system, but no painted buses that I've seen anywhere.


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