What a laugh we had today.  I haven't laughed so much in ages.  Good job I wasn't wearing any mascara!!
We went to the local Halloween store as The Teenager wanted to find something to wear for dress up day at school next week.  He chose what he wanted and like all kids wanted to wear it home!!

We did get some strange looks from people in other cars.  They were nudging their passengers and pointing.  When he waved at one guy I just about wet myself :0)

I can't understand why they'd stare..................

Doesn't everyone have a horse in their car?


That boy is a nut case  :0)


  1. Two things: 1) do you actually have a store that only sells Halloween stuff? 2) Surely he'll suffocate if he wears that head all day?
    And, just because, 3) bonkers!

  2. That's brilliant. Everyone should have one.

  3. Question -will he wear it for Trick or Treat? Let's face it - laughter is the best medicine!


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