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Its been a busy week so I'm on a bit of a catch up today.


New reading material, in hard copy no less!  "Shifty's War".  Darrell Powers is one of my favourites from Band of Brothers.  He always came across as a very gentle soul who did what he had to.
Since 2006 we have watched Band of Brothers once a year.
The other book is one my mum gave me for my Birthday and is loaded with road trips to take in this part of the USA.  I'm still picking out which ones I want to do first.  I'd like to do New Mexico, the boys want Arizona!!


My friend Nancy and I went to see the decorated houses at Cross Creek Ranch.  They are all show homes for different builders but are decorated for the coming seasons.  This is my favourite style but at way over half a million dollars I will have to dream a bit longer.

More on the tour in another post.


On Fridays I now volunteer in the school workroom.  I do photocopying, laminating, binding that kind of thing.  This week was a quiet one so after stocking the machines with paper, sorting out some copying, chatting to some of the staff and putting the coloured paper into matching colours (OCD kicking in there I think) I got to go early.
I love doing it and if a job ever comes up in the school I might just be in the right place at the right time :0)


We went out for a meal last night and I had told the boys before I went that a photo WOULD be taken!!  John was not very forthcoming with the smiles so I had to take drastic action!!


  1. Love the photo! Well done on volunteering in the office, hope the natives are friendly? The house looks a little OTT but must have been good to take a peek.


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