Me on Monday

My Monday consisted of

Having a poorly Teenager at home

Checking what's on the calendar for this week

Having a go at making Custard Creams

Saying "bugger the expense" and buying an old favourite to have at lunch time

Feeling pretty pleased with myself that the Custard Creams turned out OK.

Waiting for the AC engineer to arrive.

Plus the usual looking after sick child, washing, tidying up and general pottering about.

Thanks to Sian at From High in the Sky for her Me On Monday MeMe.

How was your Monday?


  1. Hope Teenager is well enough to enjoy the delicious custard creams. Hope you enjoyed the Branston?

  2. Hope the Branston was worth every cent! I'll try and bring some in a little over 50 sleeps!

  3. You are enjoying this stay at home lark tooooo much😝 everything looks delish! Hope Samuel feels lots betterx

  4. omg how good to those custard creams look!!! :D

  5. I hope he's feeling a lot better now and the rest of the week is a great one. The custard creams look very good indeed


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