331 - 334/365

I'm having a bit of a catch up as I just didn't seem to get time to post anything over the last few days!!


Thanksgiving dinner.  No green veg but plenty of fresh sweet corn, roast tatties and cauliflower cheese.  Yummy  :0)


It's the day after Thanksgiving so it must be time to meet this golly fella


A quick walk around the neighbourhood to check out the competition.  When in Texas and all that.


Yet another tidy up in the craft room.  Need to make extra room for when my sister Ruth arrives in 18 days time (not that I'm counting).  We have to have somewhere to do our December Daily.  


  1. The Boy Child will very enjoy walking around the neighbourhood to check out all the lights! And so will I ...
    I will very much enjoy sharing your craft space to work on DD, PL and the holiday journal! If we had bubbles and Christmas music, then all to the good ...


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