338 - 341/365

Another week gone and another catch up needed.


A sneak peek at the tree.  Can't show you the whole thing as it's a surprise for my nephew when he arrives on the 18th.


John and I stopped for coffee this afternoon.  The locals obviously can't understand his accent as this is not the first time he's been called "Joel" !!


Stocking up on wine for Christmas.  Unfortunately, as we had friends over last night, we put a big dent in the collection!!


We took a trip to Cavenders Boot City today as I'm on the look out for a new pair of boots.

Overwhelmed would be the word to describe it.  There was just so many to choose from but unfortunately none of them "spoke to me" so I'll have to keep looking.


  1. Don't forget that you buy those boots a size larger than your normal ones, otherwise they won't go on.

  2. See that Starbucks bag? Can you get me one for my December Daily album, please? Ali has used one to very good effect in her album and I'm shamelessly pinching her idea!

  3. Love the tree. Boots are very Texan - how about the green ones? At this time of year 'Joel' rhymes with 'Noel'.
    TBC is now singing Christmas carols - it's 8.20pm!

  4. lol my Dad still wears his cowboy boots EVERYWHERE...it's been 10 years since he's lived in Dallas! He says they are the comfiest things ever - he has a black pair and a brown pair! Think he's the only wannabee cowboy in Dundee! lol

    1. ....and don't get me started on the hat!


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