It's official.

I am now the mother of an 18 year old.   How?    When?

17 January 1997.

17 January 2015

I guess now though he's not as easy to photograph as he was back then!!  Love that silly face

Oh yeah.  It's the first time ever that he's been outside in a t-shirt, in the sun on his Birthday.  Love that too


  1. Hmmm, and his aged Aunt and Uncle forgot to FT because they were so tired after taking five 8-year-olds to the theatre!

  2. How quickly 18 years can pass! how lovely to be able to spend a January birthday in the sunshine!

  3. Tell him I have T-shirt envy, oh and happy birthday

  4. Happy Birthday to him. I'm only 6 months behind you! Where does it go, indeed.


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