Good Intentions

I had good intentions today of cracking on and finishing the tidying up.  I didn't get around to hoovering, dusting or mopping the floors yesterday.
Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) my friend asked if I was free for coffee at 11 and maybe an early lunch before she picked her daughter up from school.
Like a good friend I said I was!!

Two hours of chatting soon passes.  She went to collect her daughter and I popped to the shop.  When I got back after 2pm I told myself there was no point in starting the hoovering as the Teenager would be home in an hour.  I sat in my craft room and did a few more pages of my Turkey journal (which has been a work in progress since summer 2012!!)

It's now time to make supper and the hoovering will wait till tomorrow and lunch will be re-arranged for next week  :0)


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