Right Now

I'm taking a leaf out of my sisters book.

Right now.............

I am love, love, loving line dancing. ♥♥♥
I am excited about getting tickets for the Rodeo in March.

I am looking forward to an 80s night with the girls at the weekend.
I am trying to catch up on housework.
I am trying to get my Project Life up-to-date.

I am trying not to stress about the medical bill that just came in for the Teenager.
I am helping the Teenager with his presentation about Scotland.

I am baking shortbread for that presentation.  (36 bite size pieces)!
I am catching up on both series of The Fall.
I am about to start watching Wolf Hall with the lovely Damian Lewis (who will forever be Major Dick Winters in Band of Brothers).

I am half way through watching Band of Brothers with Hubby.
I am listening to Lady Antebelum and Fall Out Boy.
I am not stressing about leaving comments on blogs.  It's just one of those things!
and I am totally addicted to fresh Guacamole  :0)

What a long list!!
What are you doing Right Now?


  1. Another medical bill?? Any chance his presentation is filmed?

  2. Damian Lewis will always be Soames Forsyte for me. Right Now - I am writing procedures & protocols for our staff manual (some what boring). Yum to the shortbread!

  3. What a wonderful way to catch up with you. I also love, love, love guacamole.
    I'm not sure when we get Wolf Hall. Will have to keep my eyes open for it.


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