Brazos Bend State Park

This park is just 25 miles from us and is a completely different world.
Here it is concrete and cars.
There it is green and calm.
There is where the alligators live.
And we saw quite a few!!

Some of the big ones were safely on the other side of the lake.

Some were on the side of the path.

Some of the "babies" (only 3 ft long) stayed in the grass.

One of the big 10 ft males decided that the path was his territory.  We had to walk up some steps by the smelly portaloos to get past him. We think it was a him!!  Didn't get close enough to find out.

Some went for the stealth look.

Some were quite happy to have a close up.

And some loved to pose for the camera.

They were all awesome but not as cool as the scary Halloween tree that was hiding amongst the trees.  It was completely surrounded by greenery.  I wonder why it's grey?

It was a great afternoon.  Put a teenage boy in charge of the binoculars and he will walk for miles. The weather was gorgeous but the mozzies till managed to attack despite the spraying before hand.

I'm looking forward to going back when mum comes for a visit in May.


  1. Remember that I can't run very fast these days should one of those alligators move!!

  2. We should go in August, but I expect we won't see as many because they will retreating from the heat. Maybe we should go early ...

  3. I know Texas pretty well, and I always forget that there are alligators.


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