Me on Tuesday

I really wanted an "At Home" day today
so that's what I did.

Out at 6.30am to do the re-cycling

Saw the Teenager off to school at 7am

First cup of tea of the day.

Filled in the paperwork for John's opticians appointment.

Took a 20 minute power walk around the pond

Came back showered and made the beds

Put some washing on

Had "Tenzies".  Couldn't wait till 11am :0)

Rattled off the ironing 

Then after lunch I spent an hour or so catching up with Project Life.  I had
so many photos to print off!!

The Teenager came home from school at 3pm and it was time to sort out dinner.
John home, dinner made and time to sit for a while and watch a film.

A pretty regular day really but one I felt in need of.

How was your day?


  1. Funny how much can get done on an at home day!

  2. That sort of day can be as good as a tonic.

  3. Oh Lizzy, you certainly have found the "Good Life" xxx


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