Other folks cameras

When you download other peoples photos to your PC you sometimes find photos you can't remember having taken, had forgotten all about or just wish they hadn't!!
And there are some that you took of the same thing but theirs are much better!!

San Jacinto monument.  The Teenager just wasn't quick enough to get out of the shot!!

Taken from the top of the San Jacinto Monument.  Too high for me to go up there.
The Teenager tells me these are called reflection pools and all monuments have them!!
Do they?
Shame it wasn't sunny enough to find out.

The USS Texas from the top of the San Jacinto Monument

A cracking shot of the Teenager but what is up with me and John?  
I look pregnant and he looks fed up!!

Was I really fluffing my hair?  There was no hope of it looking any better.  
The weather had put paid to that

A very large elephant head that I must have missed at the 
Buckhorn Saloon as I don't remember seeing it at all

I loved this once I realised it wasn't made from ivory but from bone.

More damp, frizzy hair going on. 

John in usual photo pose.  We can still see you you know.

Alligator spotting at Brazos State Park.  Spot the fat foot!!

and the ones that were better than mine....

The Souther Flyer Diner - Brenham
Check out those poodle skirts.

1930s elevators in the Drury Plaza hotel.
You get a better idea of the colour of them in this photo.

The lobby.  I completely missed taking a photo of the stained glass window!!

The Post Office.  Looks much better from this angle.

Caverns in black and white - Awesome

Camouflage alligator.  No wonder I missed it!!

Do you ever find interesting photos on other peoples cameras?


  1. That's a cracking alligator shot ~ using the big lens, presumably? People who tell me that they aren't photographers often take better photos than me, I find!

  2. Interesting photos. Hope the alligator was with big telephoto!! Don't think I'll bring my camera - couldn't compete with the semi professionals!


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