San Antonio - The Hotel

Our first Texas Road Trip.
San Antonio.

I Lve San Antonio.  It's got such a good feel to it and I love that you can walk to where you want to go and if you don't want to walk you can get public transport.
All the things you can't do in Katy.

We headed out on the Saturday morning for the 3 hour trip.  
Stopping only to refuel at Denny' (us not the car!) we made it in good time.

I'd picked the Drury Plaza Hotel on Riverwalk to stay in as it's the old Alamo National Bank and still has some of the original features.  I loved the 1930s feel to the place.  

It's 23 stories high and has a pool on the roof but we didn't check it out!!

The Lobby 

Left hand side of the door

 and the right hand side.

The gold coloured elevators.  Loving the 1930s feel.

and the original vault

The place was just stunning.  
The only thing missing was a few "Gangsters".


  1. What a beautiful building and the interior full of character. Glad you enjoyed the trip.


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