San Antonio - The other stuff

When you take photos of a trip away you always end up with a few random shots that seemed to be interesting at the time but when you get back you think"why did I take a photo of that?"

Here are a few of those shots.......

The boys getting fed up of me taking photos!!

John testing out the hotel bed.  News for him... It's not just his bed!!

John's small feet!! and my fat ankle.  My right foot got bitten by a black fly at the USS Texas the day before and became so fat it was hard to bend my ankle.  They boys thought it was hilarious.  I didn't!!

The ceiling in the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum.

John coming back from the bar in the same saloon

Samuel in a glass box at Ripleys

The lights in the trees outside the Alamo

One of the many horse and carriage rides available in San Antonio.  
I felt really sorry for the horses :0(

The post office and court house.

A triangular building and tram

and a horse and carriage blocking a perfectly good view of the Alamo!!

Do you ever have photos where you wonder
"Why did I take that?"


  1. oh yes! of course as my photography is mostly done at 40mph I also have lots of pictures of hedges - mostly out of focus

  2. Everyone tells a story - maybe they need a scrapbook of their own!


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