The last two weeks

The last two weeks seem to have gone by in a blur.  

We had been waiting for what seemed like months for our visitors to arrive 
and then they were here.  :0)
And then they were gone!!  :0(

We did manage to pack in a few days out and about.

There was dancing

and shootin' (airsoft)

and ice cream factory visiting

followed by a "50s Diner" lunch at the Southern Flyer.

There was our first "Road Trip" to San Antonio
but that needs a whole post to it's self.

There was more shootin' (the real thing this time)

There was alligator spotting.  So many of them!!

There was hat shopping and coffee and cake

There was bribery with bowling and pizza so we could go dancing one last time
We had the whole place to ourselves :0)

There was "Huntin' Shop" browsing for the young man

There was too much good food, lots of wine glugging and laughing, Face Timing pals back in the UK at 2.30am Texas time!! there was learning the Texas Two Step and if I'm being honest a few tears when they went home.

All over far too soon but plans are in motion for meeting up next year.


  1. You will have people queuing up to stay at your holiday resort!!

  2. My goodness, lots of action-packed things happening here! Everyone clearly enjoyed themselves ...


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